How to Dialogue with God

5 Steps to Conversation with God in 30 Days

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Dear Aspiring Pray-er,

Have you experienced private prayer, where you gently settle into a peaceful state of stillness and silence, and sense the sweetness of God’s presence with you?
Have you been able to ask God a question, sense a response and engage in a genuine two-way conversation that leaves you energized and confident with a strong sense of direction?
If you have, then you understand it is the MOST rewarding encounter you could ever experience!
If you haven't, this course can help you get there!
Your guide,
Domenic Inneo

The Outcome Of This Course Will Help You To Live The Abundant Life Jesus Promised You

In 30 minutes per day, and in under 30 days you will…

1. Know exactly what conversational prayer with God can look, sound and feel like, so when God reveals Himself, you can recognize His voice and converse with Him.

2. Grow in the knowledge of His plan/will for you and be guided by Him in executing it, the only plan that can bring the abundant life that Jesus promised you in John 10:10!

3. Grow in knowledge and love of Him.


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Wanna transform your life?

This Course Was Made For You

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2-way Conversation With God Is The Most Critical Skill You Can Learn in Your Life!

Most people do not find it easy to walk into God’s throne room and simply start chatting.

The thought of Christians struggling in their daily lives and not having a rich conversational prayer life to guide them, is absolutely heartbreaking.

Conversational prayer takes practice, but the blessings FAR surpass the cost. It is the principal way to live the abundant life Jesus promised.

The key is to find the best way for you to learn/improve in it.

Most Prayer Advice You Find Is Usually Way Too Complicated And Not Always Practical

If your walk is anything like mine was, you have this constant feeling deep inside that something was missing and wanting more. I now know I was longing for a relationship with God where I could truly TALK with and HEAR Him. I tried to learn through books and lectures, but my prayer ended up being either too boring or too distracted so I quit. Then I’d get inspired again by an article or video, but the terminology/approach used was completely different and I’d get confused, quitting again.

If you feel this way, you are not alone!

I took the long, hard way to learn how to dialogue with God - So you don't have to!

I decided to do whatever it took to dialogue with God…

and went on a quest.
Whoever wrote about two-way conversational prayer, I studied them
Whoever was teaching this prayer, past and present, I listened to them
Whoever knew how to pray conversationally, I spoke to them

Ultimately  by GOD’S GRACE, I figured out the basic 5 things these prayer masters were doing, locked in on a classic prayer method, and quickly  got to the point where I could hear God’s voice and more conversationally communicate with Him on a daily basis. 

From then on I was HOOKED on conversational prayer and the God who met me there. Not surprisingly, my life began to improve dramatically, and yours can too!

We simplified and demystified the process of dialoguing with God, so that anyone can get it!

Once my prayer life started to advance, as a teacher of the faith and an internationally certified leadership coach, I had to teach what I learned in a PRACTICAL step by step way.

There was just no way something this positively impactful and life altering as conversationally communicating with the God of the universe, had to be so hard to learn/grow in.

After teaching conversational prayer in live seminars for many years, I compiled the wisdom of prayer masters, my theology training, and my own personal prayer experience into a condensed yet comprehensive, pragmatic video package so that what took me over two years to get proficient in, you could learn in less than 30 days!

Our students confirm this below!

"I thought I had an understanding of my relationship with the Lord, but I had no idea what I was missing! Domenic's course taught me simple, practical ways to engage in dialogue with God! I now know how to listen to the Lord's voice in making important decisions! I fully endorse this course because it changed my life, my husband, and our children's lives forever! I am forever grateful to Domenic for teaching me!"
Leslie N
"My relationship with God was ok but I wanted more. This course made personal prayer with God approachable in a way I have never previously experienced and really unlocked a deep place of intimacy and insight in my personal time with the Lord. This course deeply impacted my personal relationship with God. I would recommend this course to every person I know."
Amy M
"Domenic's experience and teaching impacted my prayer life with the Lord immensely! Thank you so much for sharing your story and your wisdom on dialogue with the Lord!!"
Kristen K
"My prayer was distracted. This course has ultimately helped me to quiet the noise in my prayer and focus on hearing God’s voice. I was then able to directly apply that to my career and life as a husband, father, and friend. Domenic has spent a lifetime honing the ability to speak with God, and this course and system truly open the door to a two-way conversation with God."
Mark I
"I knew I needed to learn more about prayer to grow in my walk with God. I took Domenic's course. Domenic spoke with such heartfelt passion about conversational prayer that it created a passion in me for it! I then tried what Domenic taught and quickly began a two-way conversation with God! It was so amazing! Domenic carries an anointing and grace that makes it easy to step into this type of prayer with God!"
Melissa Z
"The practical insights learned from this course became my "go-to" for prayer, including prayer for multiple major life decisions!"
Joseph T

5 Simple Steps To Advance In Your Prayer Life ...

When you UNLOCK the How to Dialogue with God course, you’ll get immediate access to the entire video training so that you can start these 5 steps today, and continue at your own pace.



In Lessons 1 & 2 you will gain an understanding of what conversational prayer looks, sounds, and feels like so that you can aim for it and recognize it in prayer.

Lesson 1: What ‌does‌ ‌2-way‌ ‌conversational‌ ‌prayer‌ ‌look‌ ‌like?‌ ‌

    A classic example from the Movies                    

    The Prayer Masters’ (past and present) view                          

    What Conversational Prayer doesn’t look like

Lesson 2: What ‌does‌ ‌2-way‌ ‌conversational‌ ‌prayer‌ sound and feel ‌like?

    Definitive heart language…Recognizing the Lord’s 5 voice “tones” during prayer

    Real life examples of each tone

    Learning the voice tone that God uses with you

√    Two ways to interpret silence in prayer

    Distinguishing God’s voice tone vs. other ways He speaks to you


Obstacle Removal

In Lesson 3, you will learn how to quickly remove obstacles that can cause people to disqualify/prevent themselves from advancing in two-way conversational prayer and hear what 1 Kings 19:11-12 calls the “still, small”, wonderful voice of God.

Lesson 3: Removing Obstacles

    Managing the Obstacle of Time

    Why prayer is a time-saving activity, not a time draining activity

    Removing false perspectives of God

√    Removing false perspectives of self



Have you ever been to a sporting or live musical event well before it starts?  If you have, you likely noticed how much time the players and musicians take to warm up, and the care they take to prepare before the event starts. 

In Lesson 4 we show you everything you need to do to prepare for your prayer session.

Lesson 4: Mandatory Prayer Session Preparation

√    Choosing the optimal location

    Choosing the optimal time of day

    Determining which posture works best for you

    Clearing your heart and mind before prayer

    The pre-eminence of scripture

    How to move into His presence


Prayer Method Selection

With vision clear, blockers removed, preparations done, you will be ready to finally apply some simple prayer methods to move you into conversation with God!

You will learn 7 prayer methods that have been taught by the prayer masters for centuries.

I’ll share real life examples of how I used each of the 7 methods to deal with real life situations, sharing what I sensed, heard, saw, felt, and journaled. You’ll learn how to enage with Jesus, as if He is actually in the room with you, which He is!

Lesson 5: Imagination to Conversation

Use of your imagination in prayer

How the great prayer masters used their imagination to pray

Method 1 – NON-Gospel story imagination

Method 2 – Gospel story imagination

Real life examples

Lesson 6: Reading to Conversation

    The four ways to read Scripture

    Method 3 – Divine Reading (Lectio Divina)

    Method 4 – Spiritual Reading

    Real life examples

Lesson 7: Movement to Conversation

    Method 5 – Dialogue Journaling

    Method 6 – Walking and Talking

    Method 7 – Vocal reading and meditating

    Real life examples



Once we commence regularly conversing with the Lord, the final step is the essential discernment of what we believe we heard in prayer.

Lesson 8: Discerning what you heard in prayer

√    What is discernment

√    Why is it necessary

√    How to discern…steps, guidelines, tips

√    Real-life discernment examples

√    Sensing the pleasure of God

In addition to the course material, each Simple Step contains the following:

Innovative Exercises
Via music and movie clips all your senses will be engaged with our innovative prayer, journaling, and other exercises designed to help you grow in conversation with God!
FAQ Section
Through years of teaching, we know where you might need help and have questions, such as dealing with distractions and overcoming dryness, etc.! Your questions will be answered here.
One on One Coaching
Available for those who unlock the course!
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Allow me to be your Conversational Prayer Guide!

These prayer methods are by far THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I HAVE EVER LEARNED, IN MY LIFE! They have helped me find my part in God's epic human story, have been crucial in moving me from fear and worry to abiding in His peace, and taken me from career challenges to great success in business. These prayer methods were critical in moving me to serve thousands in ministry as a youth leader, speaker, and teacher of the Gospel and of this prayer seminar.

AND FAR FAR over and above all that, using these prayer methods on a daily basis brought me to a FULL sense of being a cherished son of a loving, heavenly Father, and living a life that grows in holiness and in union with God.

If you are desiring to grow in prayer, I will guide you step by step, via video lessons, exercises, FAQs and optional coaching, to help you get there. There’s no need to go it alone and lose time. I pray for God’s blessing and hope for His best for you.
Domenic Inneo


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What if I have no experience/good experience with prayer at all?

How to Dialogue with God was created to be the most approachable prayer method instructional on the internet. Many have taken this class with no prayer life, and little knowledge on how to begin, but leave excited and positively impacted! The student success stories above confirm the results. Besides, you have God on your side. As you will learn in the course, scripture and the church make it clear, it is His desire to have a conversational relationship with all of us. With Him on our side, only good things can happen!

Once I enroll in the course, will the videos go away after a certain time?
Once enrolled you will have access to the How to Dialogue with God video library forever! As well as all of our extra printable downloads that come with the course.
How long is the course? I have a job, with normal work hours, how am I going to find the time to do this?

What’s required may be less than what you think. In the first lessons, we’ll be simply working on consistency to start, no matter how much time you have to dedicate. We’re convinced, once you get going in prayer, your heart will desire more of it, and making time for conversation with God will no longer be a challenge for you. You will discover how the Lord multiplies your time in remarkable ways just because of the gift of love you’ve given to Him in your prayer time! He will not be outdone in giving, ever!

Can I sign up for this class later or is there a deadline?

Current enrollment is open with a special launch price, which is not guaranteed indefinitely. Also, we will take the course down from time to time to update it. IF YOU HAVE a promo code from a special event, it expires after 48 hours.

I have tried books, internet, seminars and nothing works, why will this work?

Two reasons. First, we believe we have built this course with this challenge in mind. Our course methods are taught in a way to simplify and demystify the prayer process. We use straightforward language, easy to understand graphics and illustrations, and probably more importantly, I share my personal prayer stories and results (as reviewed by a certified professional Spiritual Director) to ensure there are enough examples for you to both learn and model from. Secondly,  if you need personalized assistance, or just want to go further still, we have a prayer coaching program available to you upon course completion. Our prayer coaches are both certified coaches as well as experienced in personal private conversational prayer, and are world-class!

What if I struggle to keep up with the course? How fast can I go?

We recommend you try to use the 30/30 plan (30 minutes per day and complete the course in less than 30 days). However, if that pace is too quick, you can most definitely go at your own pace without impacting your progress whatsoever. Should you need to stop for any reason, when you start back up again, just pick up where you left off!

What if I don't like the course?

No problem. Every purchase of How to Dialogue with God is protected with a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. It’s a risk–free investment on your end.

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