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Meet the Coaches for the PLUS or LIVE Course Options

And optional One-on-One Coaching...

Domenic Inneo

CLC, BSc, ACC, CERTIFIED by the International Coaching Federation
Domenic has extensive ministry experience (speaking, counseling, directing youth ministry, missions and serving on the board of a large mission organization). Domenic also has extensive experience in consulting and IT leadership, leading many large (8 and 9 figure) corporate transformation initiatives. 
As a coach, Domenic has coached individuals and executives regarding their prayer lives, spiritual lives, businesses (strategic planning, growth initiatives, etc.),  dreams, career decisions, relationships, etc. Domenic has a special gift in finding what will motivate you to develop the momentum needed to live intentionally toward your goals. 
Over and above all of that, Domenic has had a daily prayer discipline for over 20 years, has taught prayer both in seminars and now in producing this course via video format.  
If you want/need help achieving any of your goals, and need someone to keep you accountable, and work with you to build and execute strategies and action plans that will help you go forward, further and faster than you ever could on your own, then Domenic is the coach for you.  

Jennifer Inneo

MA, BSW, BA, CERTIFIED Coach, Leadership Coaching Canada
Jennifer has extensive experience in Christian ministry (speaking, counseling, teaching, church department leadership, prayer ministry, retreat organization), and has worked in both the private (consultant) and public sector (social policy).
As a coach, Jennifer has coached both groups and individuals regarding their prayer lives, spiritual lives, dreams, goals, priorities, relationships, businesses, etc. Jennifer has a special gift in helping her coachees clearly identify obstacles that require the Lord's transformative truth in order to be removed.
Over and above all of that, Jennifer has had a daily prayer discipline for over 30 years, and was a contributor and editor of this course.
If you want/need to either get started in prayer, or become more disciplined regarding the management of your prayer and spiritual life, or need coaching in any other challenges or opportunities in your life, Jennifer’s challenging questions, accountability and (on occasion) gentle and caring reminder to "get moving" will help you move forward, further and faster.

If you desire additional coaching or support…

*Note, this is not “spiritual direction” and all coaching will be done virtually via phone or video call.

Upgrade from SOLO to PLUS

  1. 8 weekly group Q&A “Zoom” sessions – $225 (USD)

    • Send your prayer questions/challenges in and get your question answered in our LIVE group Q&A call
    • Listen and learn from all the other questions and answers in the 1 hour call.
    • Replays Available
  2. Access to Private How to Dialogue with God Community
      • Cannot wait for weekly ZOOM call, ask your question inside the community group


Personalized One-on-One Coaching Options:

  1. 1 ONE hour one-on-one session – $150 (USD)
  2. 3 ONE hour one-on-one sessions – $400 (USD)
  3. Your choice of Jenny or Domenic as coach